Sunday, May 30, 2010

Starting over

I have modified the content of my blog to reflect what I originally set out to do: make you part of my journey and share some insights into why I’m leaving. I in no way want to express any bitterness, because I harbor none.

I am grateful, and I sincerely mean what I say, grateful to so many saintly priests and brothers I have had the honor of working with.

I in no way repent of having entered the legion and am grateful for becoming the priest I am today.

I am saddened by the suffering caused to Legionaries and the Movement member due to the life of Fr Marcial Maciel.

I am sincerely sorry and ask forgiveness of those under my care who because of me, or the advice I gave them during those years when we thought Fr Maciel was innocent, may have felt deceived, betrayed or shaken in their faith. Forgive me. I will never stop praying for you.

I repeat, and I stress my sincerity: I hold no grudges neither toward Fr Maciel, nor my present or past superiors, nor any member of the Legion or the Movement past or present.

I have begun preparing a post that will help you understand how I live without grudges. Look for it. It will be called “Luke 23:34”

=======UPDATE 6/1/2010======

Thank you for your comments. For those who commented on anger or other negative sentiments, I will respond in a post called "Luke 23:34". But for now, I don't deny experiencing negative sentiments. What I am trying to show is my way of dealing with them.


  1. Father, you are in my prayers as you walk in faith towards the light.

    ATL Granny

  2. TruthisstrangerthanfictionMay 30, 2010 at 9:36 PM

    I join Granny in prayers for your journey, Father. God bless, and thank you for sharing this journey with us.

  3. Father,
    I am a former RC member. I have been out officially for a little over a year. It took years to make the break. I have many friends whom I love dearly still in the movement and LC. You sincerely have my prayers. I know you changed some of the post and I understand why, but don't be afraid to express anger if that's what you feel. I read your earlier post about Spiritual Direction. I understand fully. Spiritual Direction was used to manipulate me in many ways. I came to realize that nothing I said in SD was confidential. For me that was a horrible betrayal. It took along time to trust.......... Your blog will be helpful to many I am sure. God Bless you in your journey. Be assured always of my prayers.
    Maggie in the Midwest

  4. You are in my prayers as you undertake this very difficult journey. A bit of unsolicited advice: It is okay to have negative as well as positive feelings....forgiveness is a process, not automatic, and those negative feelings are part of the process of getting to the other side...take care, you are in my prayers...

  5. Father, as a former RCer and mother of an ex-consecrated, I want to tell you that we are praying for you - be convinced that God is so very generous with his graces when one faces the truth of things. I have no doubt that you will be fine and your priesthood will be truly blessed outside of LC. BTW, your links to Life After RC and to the LC homepage are mixed up, one for the other.

  6. Father - thanks for your blog! It is helpful for all to read your posts as we all continue to heal. You took out a post called Legion Silence that talked about the LCs only receiving a few internal communications over the past year and insinuated that many were in the dark.

    Can you expand on the information a typical LC receives internally? Did everyone get their own copy of the communique from the Pope to pray and ponder on and do LCs freely discuss what it means? You mentioned that you were hoping to get more info about what the Pope meant when he declared Maciel devoid of religion. Would love to hear more about internal communication - that is so key for all to heal and discern freely.

  7. Dear Mary,
    I took down the post you mentioned since I didn't think it reflected what is going on in the Legion at large. I live in a small community in another country where sometimes communication is limited. Since my post I have spoken to other legionaries and have received more information, including old emails. Since I insist this blog is more about my personal experience than anything else, I thought it best to take down that post.

  8. Just to corroborate what our host said (albeit a bit late), it seems that the situation of information and openness to discussion varies from LC community to community. In some there is fairly open discussion and information is more available, in other not.

    -(another LC who is leaving)


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