Thursday, June 24, 2010

Door #1, or door #2, or door #3

I think Patrick Madrid got the order of things right?

Three scenarios seem possible, either of the first two being far more likely, it seems to me:
1) The Legion may be radically reformed and reoriented and thus salvaged;
2) It may be drastically reduced in size (i.e., personnel), scope of activities, and influence, due to continuing defections of its priests, a drying up of new vocations, and the vigorous pruning by the pope and his collaborators;
3) It may go away altogether.

While Patrick goes into detail on number 3, number 1, according the Communiqué, seems to be what B16 is aiming for, and number 2 is a likely side effect for two reasons. Those who are too entrenched in “the Legion that was” will not like the changes to come and will bail. Those who seek more radical changes will be disappointed by the resistance of the entrenched and bail. If things get really sticky, option number 3 may be needed.

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  1. Like his take on #1. Completely rebuilt or completely rehabbed.

    "Most people's guess is that the house that Marcial Maciel built will either be completely rehabbed from its foundation to its gables — everyone knows that a fresh coat of paint won't do the job — or it will be razed and rebuilt from the ground up with fresh materials."

    As you point out a long thorough job has some carryover into #2. A superficial paint job leads to #3.


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