Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Forefront of Truth

In a recent post I stated; “We spoke about Fr Alvaro and Fr Luiz and how they are going about telling the truth about what they saw and what they know.” Many have commented on this.

Before I begin, keep in mind that my intention is to express what is pertinent to my personal journey – not to make myself a press secretary or informant. None of what I say here is a direct quote from any source, but my personal reflection.

That being said, I feel moved at this time to come forward in defense of Fr Luiz Garza for two reasons. First of all, on a personal level, I have come to realize he was directly involved in promoting me to the priesthood. This I will discuss in later posts, after the Feast of the Sacred Heart.

In more general terms, Fr Luiz has been giving conferences dealing directly with aspects of the double life of Fr Maciel, and this at the bidding of Fr Alvaro. I listened to a two and a half hour discussion he had with a group of Consecrated Women in Mexico. He spoke in detail and candidly. This has been, for me, tremendously encouraging.

Two things impressed me

First of all, Fr Luiz was at the forefront of no longer considering Fr Maciel as an example for Legionaries and Movement member. This was (and unfortunately still is) met with resistance. He also calls into question the charism, not so much its existence, but its definition. Ask a random group of Legionaries what the charism is, and you will get varying answers. Is it leaders? Is it Christ-centeredness? Is it Charity? Hence the need to redefine the charism.

Next, I was struck by his referral to the time frame between discovering Fr Maciel’s improprieties and their public announcement. How do you deal with an extreme situation of historic proportions for the Church and the world? Decisions of this sort aren’t taken from one moment to the next – that would be reckless gossip. Who among us has never had a moment when we just fall on our knees and ask, “Lord, what should I do?”

Maybe I don’t agree with how it was handled, maybe it could have been done differently. It is easy to judge in hindsight. I cannot lay the blame on one man’s shoulders. It’s far too complicated for that. But the solution is ever clearer to me: get the truth out as soon as possible so a healthy discussion can occur.


For the sake of objectivity, these links are worth reading:
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  1. It's probably best to call the girls "3gfs" now that we all understand that they aren't really "consecrated" as the Catholic Church understands the term.

  2. I must say that only a few days after discussion with your superior, you are towing the Legion line quite a bit.

    Failing to disclose for a few days weeks or months is one thing. Waiting years, all the while comparing Maciel to Christ (who silently suffered his great persecution of faslse accusation), slandering the victims, and ultimately blaming the Pope for the lack of action (we are docile to the Holy See and must await their direction) - only to make ditch effort to get in front of the story by disclosing facts about Maciel a few short weeks ahead of the results of the AV?

    Furthermore, the Holy See has been crystal clear that it has been the effect of Maciel on the life, structure and Charism of the Legion that requires a redefinition of the Charism.

  3. Dear Anonymous, If you read this post with the intention of finding where I tow the legion line, you will find it. If you read all my posts to get a feel of who I am and what I believe...

  4. "Hence the need to redefine the charism."

    To find the primary reason for redefining the charism just jump to the end of the relevant paragraph in the Vatican communique:

    "The need to redefine the charism... preserving its true core, that of the 'militia Christi'... which characterises the apostolic and missionary activity of the Church and which is not the same as efficiency at any cost."

    Who knows how much will need to be cut to return to the core which is not from Fr. Maciel, but it will cut deep and take serious effort. As Fr Cathal Deveney put it in a Register combox "this is not a pruning".


  5. I also am disturbed by the fact that the Legion presented MM as a suffering servant after the Vatican sent him out to a life of prayer and penance. We were even told that his suffering was resulting in great blessings for the Legion and the movement.

    And once the stories began hitting the press, we were told that discussing MM's sins was a sin of calumny by detraction in discussing a person's faults, and lacing in charity.

    This showed a complete disregard for the souls who had entrusted themselves to the Legion.

    The Legion management have demonstrated that they are not up to the job.

  6. I forgot to credit the Register's combox admin with this excellent response:

    "I agree with [Fr. Cathal] that it won’t be a simple pruning but one that will go much deeper then we can think..."

    There is a scene in C.S. Lewis's Voyage of the Dawn Treader that is very instructive:


  7. "This showed a complete disregard for the souls who had entrusted themselves to the Legion. "

    Amen. The LC/RC line is that Garza and Alvaro knew something was up in 2005; that's when they started their own investigation.

    However, when Maciel was sent away in 2006, Alvaro and Garza participated wholeheartedly in the representation of this pedophile as Christ himself, innocent like a lamb, holy enough not to try to defend himself.

    When he died in 2008, Alvaro announced he was ascended into Heaven. Not a peep was heard from Garza to the contrary.

    May 2008, the boys at ICAS performed skits and recited the works of the holy man Maciel. Scenes from his life (photographs) were displayed on a huge projection screen. It went on for at least an hour, if not more. The boys were in awe of the saint.

    Feb 2009, same apostolic boys were still reading the works of the hardened criminal as their sole source of spiritual nourishment. Some boys still were carrying around Christ is My Life and History of the Legion, months after the Feb 2009 revelations that he was a complete fraudster.

    Garza did nothing to stop any of that. He did nothing to protect those young boys from that kind of spiritual abuse.

    Why has he not apologized for not protecting the children? When he knew something was up back in 2005?

    There is no excuse for mistreating the souls of the LC/RC this way, especially the souls of the children.

  8. Regardless of how anyone who knows Garza, Sada, or Corcuera feels about them personally, I liken this to playing a team sport: it doesn't matter how well intentioned you are, if keep insisting on shooting the ball regardless of how obviously bad you are, you need to get benched. They have done everything wrong from the beginning, but still don't seem to realize how much damage they've done. There seems to be a reluctance to recognize that actions have consequences, and that this is not a game.

    I can understand Garza waiting a year to let it sink in, but four to five is just ridiculous.

  9. I have seen a printed card from one priest ordained last december with the last words Maciel (supposedly) wrote when he was about to die; something like: "Verbum Carum Factum Est". This image is also the background image for the cellular phone of an european Territorial Director.

    They still love Maciel!!!

    Did you know that, while you are about to leave the Legion, six new priests are going to be ordained in Salamanca (Spain) next June 19th by ONE OF THE APOSTOLIC VISITORS??? (Mons. Blázquez)

  10. "When he died in 2008, Alvaro announced he was ascended into Heaven. Not a peep was heard from Garza to the contrary"

    Honestly this still stings today. Alvaro encouraged us to read those horrible letters. That is what was used to keep me in. Your a Co-founder right.......... I had nightmares and such fear of loosing my soul. I burned everyone of them. I just wish someone could have told the truth....but even more so when they did, I wish I had listened. But I am very fortunate, I made it out. I finally swallowed the red pill. Many are still in and are just beginning to wake up. I appreciate all you are doing to share your journey Father. I am sure it will help others.
    Galatians 5:7 – “You were running well; who hindered you from following (the) truth? That enticement does not come from the one who called you.”

  11. Leaving the Legion Said: "If you read this post with the intention of finding where I tow the legion line, you will find it. If you read all my posts to get a feel of who I am and what I believe..."

    I read this post because I hope and pray the Legion and RC can be salvaged. The defense of leadership reflected in this post and the tenor of the entire post does tell me something about who you are, in that I see your susecptibilty to Legion spin still seems to be very great.

    This was not something I was looking for, but rather something that leaps off the page.

    If you are on a journey then I hope you take my comments as a viewpoint from someone who has loved and continues to love the good of the LC and RC movement, but someone who has become very objective in his analysis. I believe you need to see how these types of comments are viewed by informed and objective people.

    If the LC can only hold onto those who are willing or decieved into suspending objective reality in order to defend the actions of a few, those few will drag the LC into the abyss of non-existence or schismatic cult.

    It is time for the individual Legionaries to stand against the leadership - but to do so within the LC. If all those capable of independent thought exit, then I believe that true charism that might yet be found will exit with them.

  12. Dear Anonymous,
    Thank you very much for your comment.
    I too hope and pray the LC and RC can be salvaged.
    If one man's openness and honesty is eclipsed by past collective silence, then we are all in a heap of trouble. I too kept silenct. I hope you and others can believe me now.
    Maybe what we are lacking is a sincere apology. Maybe we aren't willing to forgive. Much has to be amended, but that is the reponsibility of each individual.

  13. Completely disagreee with you about these two leaders. I see them as part of the problem, not the solution.

    And I see their recent actions as hold-onto-power manuevers precipitated by belatedly realizing how little time is left on the clock.

  14. "Maybe what we are lacking is a sincere apology. Maybe we aren't willing to forgive."

    What is lacking now is trust. I can honestly say that if Garza were to come out with what sounded like a sincere apology now, I would not believe it. He participated in a great lie for years after even he admits to knowing something was wrong with Maciel.

    Apologies are nice, but they do not in and of themselves rebuild trust. Apologies have to be followed up with actions that show the person actually means it. If Garza et al admitted their part of the deceit and voluntarily stepped out of their positions as superiors in recognition of the fact they no longer inspire trust and thus are harmful to the future of LC/RC, I'd be much more willing to allow myself to trust in Garza's sincerity.

    If he, Alvaro, and Sada, had any integrity whatsoever, they would have resigned immediately upon discovering how they have ruined the credibility of their order. The fact that they continue to stay glued firmly to their superior seats shows where their priorities lie.

  15. I have been a member of RC for 14 years and have seen a lot of good and not so good. I know Fr Alvaro and Fr Luis. They are holy. I met Fr Maciel on numerous occasions and never once jumped on the "he is a saint" wagon. Just something about him didn't connect with me. Maybe it has something to do with my being sexually abused as a child. Abused kids develope a keen awareness of preditors... We can spot them a mile away. I didn't suspect that Fr Maciel was a pedifile but my gut reaction was that something was wrong with him. His writings brought me closer to Christ, no doubt but the authorship of those letters, in my mind, is now in question.

  16. Leaving,
    You might want to do a google search on the Garza family. They are up to some pretty big stuff and are seen with some of the wealthiest men in the world. I seriously wonder if the priesthood isn't just a sham cover being used to dupe people into giving them money. But that is just my take on this whole situation.

  17. "I hope the good can be salvaged" always seems to be the catch phrase for LC wellwishers. It cost nothing to say it if you are leaving, and the fact you are leaving is really saying with your actions what so many really believe: that the best way to salvage the good is to let these men go and bring the gifts of their priesthood to many parishes instead. The best way to preserve the good is not to let this order languish for decades in a slow and tepid struggle for a meaningful patrimony, that in the end will never give what the first effort originally failed to deliver- a healthy spirituality cemented in the witness of life of the founder and co-founders.


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