Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Greatest

I went to the movies yesterday. Yes, I broke the rules and went to a theater. After all, I haven’t been treated much like a member of the congregation for a long time, I sometimes act like I am not.

A priest friend invited me out to lunch and a flick. We saw “The Greatest”. This movie made it into my top ten list. It is a multi-layered family drama that shoves life in your face and makes you deal with it head on.

It inspired me to write a personal family experience that ties in tightly with my life in the legion. I’ll post it as the next parts of Why I’m leaving, or maybe under a new title.

I highly recommend “The Greatest”. But be warned – bring Kleenex.


  1. I think every movie I saw after leaving RC had some connection to RC/LC. The next movie you should see is The Truman Show or The Matrix. I loved the Truman Show. You probably could get it from your local library. It's funny with a very thought provoking message. You are going to need to laugh a bit through all of this.

  2. I really hope that if you had pizza for lunch, you ate it with your hands :) And that you indulged in a great big bucket of decadently buttery popcorn.

    Um......maybe not. That combination probably would have resulted in a major stomach ache ;)

  3. You crazy kid! What are you going to get up to next? Corn on the cob with your fingers? Wear a pair of levis?

    Just kidding, Father. Life is so full of simple pleasures, and I know as you work your way out of the unnecessary restrictions on your life, you will see you can trust your own good judgment.

    One of my selfish pleasures as a mom is to escape BY MYSELF and go to the movies. Sitting in the dark, alone, lost in the drama of the movie, and yes, munching on my very own bucket of buttery popcorn is like a mini-vacation. 2 hours later - I'm a new woman.

  4. I'm glad you enjoyed that movie....I want to see Toy Story 3! The whole story line just cracks me up! Yes, life is full of simple pleasures! That's what I experienced too. Just loving the mundane and simple. It's amazing how God is working in us through those days that seem so monotonous and simple. One amazing stress reliever I found was sitting and gazing at His creation. The simplest of flowers or the tiniest bugs. They scream praise. I'm a new woman after 2 minutes in the backyard! :) You'll see, it's all going to work out. :)

  5. Gladys I have 13 children.I too will sometimes take in a movie all by myself....if the movie is good...ah its so relaxing.

  6. I just now checked out the trailer of The Greatest and I am now sobbing...I don't know if I could watch the whole thing!


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