Saturday, June 26, 2010

It all comes down to Relativity

Imagine you are standing in your driveway dribbling a basketball. It’s a fairly simple act that doesn’t require much thinking. Now take that ball with you on a 747 cruising at 600 mph through smooth skies. Would you have to do anything differently? Not really. You could dribble it just as mindlessly as if you were on your driveway. As long as your frame of reference doesn’t change, you act and interact in pretty much the same way, even though the world is zipping by at a faster speed. Try to dribble the ball on the wing of the plane. Well that wouldn’t be so much fun.

When DT responded to me yesterday with these words, “Sorry to see you are interpreting things this way”, it dawned on me how much Einstein could have learned from the Legion. It all comes down to relativity. When you are entrenched in the Legion, even if you have outside information, as surely DT has, you can’t help but to see those who are leaving as “interpreting things” in a subjective way. It’s all my interpretation; my suffering has warped my objectivity. Well, there goes the Vatican Communiqué down the tubes. It must be an interpretation by outsiders who don’t really understand the Legion. The visitors were standing on the wing, bombarded by outside winds and maybe a bird or two.

It's only when you step out the door and take the blast of the real world head on that you realize, the truth will make you free.


  1. So sad that they handle this kind of personal issues like that.. I´m keeping you in my prayers day after day.. I hope very soon, your bishop can give you some pastoral work and you can be active in the diocese. God bless you... don´t let them put you down. They are blinded by their own negativity... This most be a very difficult situation for their conscience.... :(

    But let´s thank God that you are already starting your own path with Jesus as your guide.

  2. Amen Father.

    Another poster put it best when they said that you will not fully understand the malformed LC mindset until you are well clear of their influence in your life.

    You are experiencing the pain of reaching out for compassion from a fellow priest and being rebuffed. As a parish priest, you will be so much better able to see people's pain and respond with true compassion and healing.

    Perhaps you can look at that as a gift from LC and keep walking with your head held high.

    ATL Granny

  3. I am not all that much into reality shows, be it on the net or cable. What is really interpersonal and in the family should stay there for the most part. However in the LC's case they have profitted so much by silence, 'discretion', and the very one-sided meaning of family that exposing the behavior of superiors seems to me quite therapeutic for them at this point. I hope they can see how out of place their lack of an agile and fraternal response looks to the rest of the world.

  4. When you're well on your way and have time to decompress, you may want to read a little about co-dependency. I've found 12-stepping to be a great way of healing from the dysfunction of the Movement. When one becomes truly free, he is not dependent on the actions of others for his ups and downs, but detached in love.

    If you were married to an alcholic, you could still find great joy in life as long as your moods didn't depend on her sobriety at any given hour. It's the same with your confreres, who at present are incapable of healthy and appropriate reactions to your words.

  5. Father, I'm also a positioned lay director who has different interpretations of the communique than the Legion and has expressed them openly and forcefully to directors. In fact, I've rec'd the same marginalization that you are now getting. My anger is moderated only in that I can honestly see how some of our Legionary friends are incapable of opinions and insights beyond the company line.


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