Monday, June 21, 2010


I am going to meet today at 4:00 PM with my Bishop.


==== UPDATE ====

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your prayers.
I just got back from my visit to Bishop "J". We had a heart to heart, open conversation. He was at times visibly affected by what I had to say and what I have gone through, and truly received me like a father.

Even before I was able to ask, he suggested the possibility of putting me in a parish with another priest as a solution to helping me deal with what has become a very uncomfortable situation. I told him that is what I was most hoping for. It would not be the best situation, because juridically I would still be a religious. But he understood that, even for my psychological health, something has to be done.

It may take a little time, ten days to two weeks, but what is that compared to years of hoping for clarity from my superiors.

Again, 1000 thanks. I will remember you when I celebrate Mass this evening.


  1. You have mine, Father. Blessings.

  2. Our Father
    Who art in heaven
    Hallowed be Thy name
    Thy kingdom come
    Thy will be done
    On earth as it is in heaven
    Give us this day, our daily bread
    and forgive us our trespasses
    As we forgive those who tresspass against us
    And lead us not into temptation,
    but deliver us from evil.
    For the kingdom, the power and the glory are Yours, now and forever, Amen.

    Dear Lord, please open the door you choose, so Fr Jack may continue to do Your work. amen

  3. Daniel 1:9 "Now as it happened, God had given the Superindentent a SPECIAL APPRECIATION for Daniel.

    Daniel 1:17 "God gave these youth great ability to learn and to master all the literature and science of the times, KNOWLEDGE AND SKILL IN ALL LEARNING AND WISDOM."

    Father Jack, I pray and claim these scriptures for you. Speak the truth and be free!

  4. I´ll keep you in my prayers!!!

  5. glad that you can move soon! The Lord is giving you wisdom, strength and courage that many other priests have not been given yet. It is because you were willing to look this thing in the eye, face the truth and walk in the pain. It is ugly. The lawsuit by the son in the US will be painful to just does not end unless we each make a choice to end it ourselves and only follow Christ.

    I will keep praying for you...thank you so much for sharing your journey with us!

  6. God bless this wise and loving bishop! I am so happy for you to have freedom in your sights. You must feel such relief, yet you will not believe how good life will be for you when you are totally free.

    I wish you were coming to my parish community, so I could welcome and support you. As you step into your new role in a parish, as you serve the needs of your new community, I know you will be blessed and healed.

    Praying for you - "Gladys"

  7. Wonderful news, Father. Though I don't know your identity, I can imagine your relief at this new development. As you already know so well, many people are praying for you as you make this journey. I am one of them. Caritas urget nos.

  8. I have such tremendous respect for the priesthood. This Maciel scandal is almost more then a hardcore catholic can absorb.

    Your blog has at times confused me- because I don't understand what is like to be on your side of the fence so to speak. this visit with the bishop makes tremendously happy for you, and hopeful for the church.

    Some days I would pray along with you on site during the Sacred Heart novena . Other days I would pray it by myself forgetting to read your daily intentions. On those days when I did not come to your site, and prayed alone.... when it came time to mention my intentions -the thought 'pray in union with the legionnaire priest' came strongly to the forefront of my mind. I have no doubt God is guiding you. I hope this makes sense.

  9. I am so happy that God is guiding you so closely. I have been praying for you because I know what you are going through. I am also an exlc priest. I left the Legion in 2008;joined a Diocese in the Southwest and a few months ago was officially incardinated in the Diocese. It was really hard to make the decision, like the weight of the whole world is on you. But once I've made that choice, a huge load is lifted and there is so much peace and happiness.

    I pray that you may also find true peace and happiness in serving the Lord in your new Home and Family.

  10. Father, I'm so happy to hear this news. Your mother and brother must be rejoicing!

    How has your LC community reacted to the news you will be leaving so quickly?

  11. Father Jack~

    I think we all believed this bishop would welcome you with open arms. It's good to hear that the move will be swift so that you can begin to heal.

    I pray you will feel as light as a feather as you walk out of your old life and into your new.

    Continue to take us on your journey. Pray for us as we continue to pray for you.

    ATL Granny


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