Wednesday, July 28, 2010

August 12, 2010

I have some pretty good news. I found out yesterday that the Bishop's council meeting has been moved up from August 19 to August 12. There is a very good chance that I will know what parish I will be in even before I return.

I have to admit I am very excited about this. At the same time I am a little bit nervous. I am sure that for the first year or so I will be an assistant pastor, and I don't know who I will be with. I hope and pray that he is a very holy priest. I could use the experience being with a holy man. Even though I have had parish experience, maybe I took those years a little too much in stride. I will certaily be open to learn from this new experiece, and to give what I have learned in the past.


  1. Holy is good. But look for a man who is a good pastor (cf, St. Teresa of Avila). Get a holy spiritual director. Good luck in the as yet unnamed parish!

  2. I think you will have a great experience in getting to know everything that a parish has to work for. We´ll keep you in our prayers!

  3. freefromrcandhealingAugust 1, 2010 at 9:31 PM

    Awesome, but beware....unfortunately there are a lot of priests out there that are lacking in their respect for the church and personal holiness department. You may find yourself in front of that tabernacle praying for your fellow priests more than you know. Pray to St. John Vianney....I wouldn't expect all happiness in parish work....I feel like the US is still in mission status when you look around and see how malformed our culture is. That's not to say no one is good out there either. God will supply what you need - whether it be strength, good people, whatever it is.....He will supply what you need. You just keep everything before Him and you will be fine.

    Be bold, be a shepherd, teach the only have to stand before God....and hopefully you will help form a few souls and lead them to their heavenly home. God bless you on your new journey! Mary keep you. :)

  4. Praise God! This is an important time for you and I join your friends in praying for your freedom and new life. The truth will set you free! As for the bureaucracy, even our Lord, our wonderful Lord, suffered under Pilate and his men. Take refuge in the image of the lotus that blossoms from the dirty sludge. Praise God and many prayers xxx Ambrose


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