Monday, July 19, 2010

Kayaking on hold

I had great plans to go kayaking with my sister today. But just as were getting ready to go, a server weather warning flashed on the radio. Sure enough, minutes later the wind began to blow and thunder began to echo. We’ll have to wait it out a bit. But that’s ok, it’s just being together that matters.

So, what have I been thinking of lately? Have I been worrying about the legion? Not a chance. But it’s funny, and not at all surprising; I tried to log on to my legionary email today, and it seems to have been shut down. I expected it. But it means they really don’t want to keep me informed or keep in contact with me. Is that typical? Yes. If you aren’t useful to them, why even bother speaking. Before I left last week, one of the priests in the community asked me to write my story and send it to all the other legionaries. He said it would be a great way to open their eyes to what is going on, and might spark others to think seriously about leaving. I guess I won’t get that chance, unless he is willing to send it for me. But he is trying to be careful and bide his time. His story is an incredible one also. But that’s for him to tell.

It looks like the storm has passed. Let’s load up the kayak and head for the river.

===== Update 7/20/2010 =====
Kayaking was great. When the rain stopped we set out. But not too long upriver, it started to rain again. Did we turn back? Not a chance. Onward and upward.

Best of all, once the rain subsided and all was calm, we reached a dam in the river and sat down for lunch. We had a long conversation, and I learned a lot about my sister and her story. It is so interesting - knowing her I know myself.


  1. Father, I don't know who you are, but just want to let you know you're in my prayers. Hope you and your sister have a great time on the river.

  2. You can take the man out of the Legion, but you can't take the Legion out of the man......

    "Secrecy" and "intrigue" are ingrown characteristics that take a long, long time to get rid of......

  3. Fr. J -- I hope:

    - your sister tosses you off that kayak!

    - you told your LC friend about this blog and how to get around the filters on the LC computers. He can read about your glorious excapades here and drool.

    - your sister brought the makings for Smores over the campfire. They're nice and ooey-gooey, perfectly un-LC!

    Have a blast today.

    ATL Granny

  4. My rosary for your sister and for you today!!!
    Enjoy the family time!!!

  5. Jack, I had such an incredibly beautiful day with you Monday. I will write my perspective for your bloggers:

    My brother rolled into my city with a severe thunderstorm on his tail. I went to the porch with husband and dog in tow to watch the magnificent storm, and to give Jack time online to check e mails, etc.

    The weather eased, and we set off, stopping to get sandwiches and bottled water from a country store that seems frozen in time. Upon reaching our destination at a river that Native Americans used for fishing and a trade route, it was again pouring rain. We sat in my truck, shared a sandwich, and chatted for a time.

    Again the weather eased, and we launched. I should have had the foresight to let my brother borrow one of my husband's older tee shirts...hee hee! It started to sprinkle. Then it was raining, hard! then pouring. My river bubbled and danced in response to the raindrops. I brushed the wet hair from my face, looked behind me to see my brother doing the same, his legionary hairstyle in ruins! I started to giggle, then to belly-laugh, the rain washing tears of joy off my face.

    Now, unfortunately, this pristine river, in places, is choked by non-indiginous aquatic plants that were intoduced by people dumping unwanted aquariums into our rivers, ponds, and lakes. One just has to gain speed, and get trough it. From behind, I heard a strange word....kind of a choking combination between, "Aack and Blech!" I turned to witness a length of slimey, dark green plant wrapped around my brother's neck, and totally muddying his white polo shirt! Laughter rendered paddling useless for quite a time!

    We reached our picnic destination with clear, blue skies, and the lake still rolling from the storm. And we talked, and talked, and talked. We talked about family, about God, about the universe, about Catholisim, about relationships, both healthy and abusive, we talked about ourselves, about the beauty of nature, about why my brother loved and lothed the legion. We talked about how the legion helped his calling, and how it hindered it. We talked about guilty feelings, and I was thankful to point out that my brother was called by Christ and was headed for priesthood before the legion found him.

    I rediscovered, that of all my siblings, Jack and I are the most similar in thought. And that after 25 years of loss of our relationship, we caught up, candidly and openly, about our lives, our loves, our blunders, all of it.

    Lazily drifting back down river toward the truck, we just talked more, and laughed much!

    The thought struck me, almost in a physical way..."This feels so RIGHT!" Suddenly, I felt transported back in time to a summer's night, in front of Mom's house. Windows open in Jack's old, green mustang, engine off and cooled, my bare feet resting on the passenger's side dashboard, and talking, TOGETHER.

    Monday, with my brother is up there in the catagory of one of the best in my life!

    A side note, to ATL Granny, and other like-minded bloggers, I did not have to flip Father Jack's kayak. The goals I set, nature accomplished! Thank you all for your prayers, you are in mine.


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