Sunday, July 25, 2010

My mind is a blank

I am really sorry that I haven't posted anything new lately. The truth is, every time I get on line, I just draw a blank. To tell the truth, I have no desire to look at stuff that's going on in the Legion, the Delegate, etc. I've just had enough. I'll get caught up later, I guess. But at this point it is just not important to me.

It seems that the fresh air, the rest and relaxation, the change of scenery has helped me to purify my mind of the tension. Where I would spend the day going over things in my mind, now I am just able to concentrate on my family and just be with them.

And it's not that I am doing a whole lot. But the change of pace has been fantastic.

I think the purpose of this blog has come to an end. But, who knows. Maybe I will have more to say once I get back and get settled into a parish. I can't wait.


  1. Father will you tell us who you are and where you will be going?

  2. It's summer and you're hanging out with your family for the first time in umpteen-million years. You shouldn't feel like you HAVE to blog. If you want to spend all day catching up on funny pictures of cats with cheeseburgers, that's YOUR business.

    I was thinking about your story the other day--specifically how your dad died, and then at some point you went into the legion and were never home again. How horrible that must have been for your mother, to lose her husband and then lose her son! No wonder she's been so happy --it's like you've some back from the dead--a little miracle just for her! :)

    Have a great summer. Enjoy having nothing to do-- as soon as you're in a parish, you'll have plenty of work, so now's the time to relax. (Lessee---most priests get about 2 weeks of vacation a year and then occasional longer sabbaticals... so you have a lot of leave-time to use! :) )

  3. !Descúbrase, legionario! Me parece otro farsante......

  4. Father don´t worry about posting! Relax, have fun, find time to thank God... and no worries!!!
    Don´t let the peace you are finding get away... take your time.. this is a process we are all facing...
    Don´t worry about giving us your name.. we worry about your person.. not your ID!

  5. freefromrcandhealingJuly 27, 2010 at 11:31 PM

    I am so happy for you....I think you need and your family needs every minute of this time. I'm overjoyed. :) Many blessings.


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