Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Very Kind Man

I met a woman named Rose yesterday. I was walking into my mother’s house when she stopped me. She assured me she wasn’t seeking confession, or anything serious like that. But I certainly would have been more than willing to help heal her soul.

It turned out that her husband had worked with my father for thirty-five years. She knew my father and many of his workmates. She described him as a very kind, quiet man; a hard worker who kept to himself for the most part.

All these little tidbits are important to me. I am discovering so much of my own personality in the traits of my parents and siblings. We have the same family history, after all.

As I begin this new journey, everything I learned on my stay here will work together to understand where I come from, what I have inherited from my time in the legion, and what God is expecting from me in the future. It is good to put all of this together in a spirit of prayer and comprehension. After all, I cannot deny all that God has done in me through my family and in the legion. Purification is necessary, as in any personal journey. Let the Spirit burn!

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