Monday, August 2, 2010

Is this the real thing?

There are some that believe that what I have written on my blog is a farse. That's OK. Just as I am free to write what I feel is best, or to keep to myself, readers are free to believe what they will. I have no way of convincing others of my sincerity. I can only say that what I have promised, and what shows up in my profile is true; "When this journey ends, when I am living my priesthood in a parish somewhere, I will reveal my identity, post a final entry and sign off". That time has not yet come.

All the comments have been very helpful to me. And I hope that what I have written has been helpful to you. I admit that, as I have said before, my list of ideas has run a little dry. Before I left to come home, I was in a situation where I was pondering the difficulties of the legion, the role of the new delegate, my dealings with my superiors and my leaving the legion. All of that of late has been put way on the back burner. I look more to the future, especially August 12. From that date on I will have a better idea of where I am going.

I am still very interested in the review process of the legion. I still keep in step with what the delegate is doing, but not in a first-hand way. I intend to write an extensive report of what I have gone through and send it to the delegate. He needs to know.


  1. NADIE te conoce.......... Ni un legionario. Hmmmmm....... ¿Será posible?

  2. Dear Father,
    You have lived under a magnifying glass long enough in LC. No need to worry about negative comments here ragarding your identitiy and or hoax comments!

    Please be assured of our prayers for you. Praying for your peace.

    Anxious to hear news on the 12th!
    Gene and Jennifer B.

  3. Father, brother, or simply friend,
    I, with many other former legionaries are with you. Do not be deterred by snide remarks like Roger's that try to belittle you. We know that this is another manifestation of "Legionary Charity" which considers those who leave "traitors". Bless them. I pray you find your way in peace. Love your parents!

  4. I am in no way deterred by snide remarks. To live that way would be a type of slavery, worrying about what other people think. I do wonder if Roger is a legionary, ex-lc, or what.

  5. My time in the Legion lasted a little over ten years, and remains an enigma eight years later.

    The Legion owned every aspect of our lives when we were there. We gave them our freedom in return for the promise of a life of fulfillment, a promise that they broke.

    We know what happened, and that's what counts. It's our riddle to solve.

  6. I don't believe that the first commenter's name is really "Roger". "Roger", I prayfully suggest you pray a real Catholic rosary about this, not one of those weird truncated ones that your cult prays.
    In Christ, Jeannette

  7. Fr. John:

    Thank you for deciding to share your story with the Delegate. He needs to hear from those who were on the inside and left because of the travesty which portrayed itself as a path to holiness. Too many lives were shipwrecked and perhaps there is some hope now.

    You will be part of the healing process -- for the Legion and for those on the outside who have also been hurt.

    Thank you!

    I echo the others who say ignore people like Roger. Those who set out to discredit you only highlight why so many have left and tenaciously hung on to send the flares up for others to see.

    ATL Granny

  8. ..."I learned a lot about my sister and her story. It's so interesting-knowing her, I know myself."

    Dearest Jack,
    I hope you don't mind my sharing aspects of our day today with your bloggers.

    Another beautiful day kayaking with my brother, and my heart did the cartwheeling. Our talks were genuine, our silences comfortable.

    I asked Jack why the legion kept families apart. His answer was first, to keep expenses down. Secondly, the legion teaches to keep God as the only, the main focus. Third, focus on the legion "family," but still cultivate a relationship with the natural family because "THEY still need YOU."

    I asked him if he believed this, he said "NO. But I used to..."

    Jack,in learning about us, your family, perhaps you not only learn about yourself, but also your unique and very personal relationship with God. I can tell you with certainty, I feel more complete with you back in my life! Praise be to God!

    Peace, Love and Prayers.

    side note: our aunt's husband has passed on. My brother will be saying Holy Mass at his funeral tomorrow morning. What a blessing for my mom and family!

  9. Dear FAther Jack,

    For all the snide comments, there are 100 more of us out here who do believe your sincerity. Keep on keeping on and I look forward to seeing how you adjust to parish life. What a wonderful and exciting time for you!!

  10. freefromrcandhealingAugust 6, 2010 at 1:41 PM

    Personally, I can't fathom for the life of me why anyone spying at this point in the game would be any benefit to the legion. They're being seriously looked at. I keep hoping and praying that the whole organization dies a slow death. That's probably why it's going to take a long time for everything to work out. Rome wasn't built in a day.

    In the mean time....may all the vulnerable and battered souls out there be healed in mind, body and spirit from the evil that was perpetrated on them. This may be our suffering on earth, but I offer the pain back to Our Lord so that He may use it as a prayer for others and for this evil to one day end. Bless you really is a beautiful world!


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