Thursday, July 5, 2012

Because you have the right to know.

Blogging again was a good decision. It is a good therapy for me, and I hope that it is useful to others. But the underlying reason for blogging is that you have the right to know what goes on in the legion, and I believe that these errors have not yet been corrected.

It is my opinion that the more those who have lived as legionaries or are still legionaries get the word out, the better chance there will be an authentic renewal of the congregation. I have long believed, while still in the legion and to this day, that if the Legionaries do not receive the results of the apostolic visit as a tool for revising the constitution, then change will only be what the superiors dictate. If the legion succeeds in just gaining cosmetic changes to its constitution with little change to its modus vivendi, these abuses will continue.

Therefore, I invite all who have had any experience with the Legion or Regnum Christi to but aside fear and embarrassment and speak the truth for the world to see. Those who are able should start their own blogs, share their experiences, because the truth will make us all truly free. 


  1. This is wonderful news, and I am so happy for you. I was especially moved reading about your experience of the older woman bringing you vitamin C or soup when you didn't feel well. And I can relate (as a former RC member) with what you wrote about no one from the inside contacting you to see how you were doing, asking why you left, or showing signs of caring about you as a human being. Thank God for old women bearing soup!

  2. I am glad you are blogging. I was never in RC but my kids went to an RC school for seven years. And I too believe that things have not been corrected. Reading the stories on 49weeks breaks my heart and I have friends with kids there and friends that are thinking about sending their kids there. Yikes.

    So it is useful to hear about what is going on. I recently complained to the archdiocese about RC sponsered events for young girls that was taking place in my parish. I basically got the run around. But if I have facts to back up my concerns, it goes a long way.


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