Friday, July 13, 2012

"Click" Anniversary

Today marks two years since I left the Legion. It was a memorable day. I entitled it, "Click... and it was over". I can remember the details as if it were yesterday.

I spent the day, my last day in a legionary house, putting back things that I knew I wouldn't need or want. As I went my way, everyone else was just going about their business, diligently working, because to waste time was a big sin. But they sensed that they wouldn't see me again. They knew I was going to visit my family, but my stay in that center had been so unsettling in the previous months that maybe they were hoping for some closure. I don't know. No one said a word.

My superiors knew I was going to travel, but neither one made any arrangements to bring me to the airport. I asked the only other priest that was there, but he had another engagement. So I called a taxi.

I packed my bags, not nervous or excited, just kind of numb. The thought of never stepping into a legionary center again didn't bother me in the least. I was in fact looking forward to it.

A couple of days earlier I had left all the possessions I was interested in at the rectory of a priest friend where I stayed for three months after returning to Brazil.

I waited for the taxi, and as soon as it arrived, I opened the front gate, went back to leave my keys on my desk, walked out to the taxi clicking the gate behind me. And that was that. A twenty-four year chapter of my life was over for good.

What did I think or feel about the fact that no one said goodbye or wanted to see me off? It all seemed absolutely normal. I really didn't expect anything more. It was a typical attitude. I was dead to them. Life went on. I'm sure no one spoke about me or missed me. Legionaries come and legionaries go, nothing more than a leaf in the wind.

It has been two wonderful years. I truly give thanks to God every morning for where I am and how he has guided me.


  1. "What did I think or feel about the fact that no one said goodbye or wanted to see me off? It all seemed absolutely normal."

    That's the problem -- that anyone could cut off another member of the Mystical Body without a glance, shrug, or even a wry smile. Those formed by MM's methodology could do this while outsiders look on in horror.

    Bless you for your courage, Father, and congratulations on making a success of your life since then.

  2. So happy for you. Thank you for all you do in serving God!


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