Friday, August 3, 2012

My first soccer game

I wasn’t very athletic when I was growing up, that is, I didn’t play any organized sports. We did play baseball in the street or some touch football. There were those who played basketball in grade school, but I just wasn’t into it. I guess it was because I didn’t have anyone to teach me.

Anyway, when I arrived at candidacy in the legion we were expected to play sports every day. That meant basketball and soccer. There was some baseball when we went on hikes, but the mains sports were those two I didn’t know too well.

I can remember my first soccer game as if it were yesterday. I didn’t have a clew. They put me on defence. I guess because that’s where I would do less damage. Instructions: when the other team is coming with the ball, just get between him and the net. That’s what I did. But this guy was huge, and knew how to play. He came at me, aimed, shot the ball, and it hit me square in the chest with all the force of a runaway train.

Gasping for breath and dazed, I could hear all the other members of my team congratulating me for the great block. GREAT BLOCK!

I thought, “You jerk! You should’ve gotten out of the way.”
No real moral here. Just a fun story. 

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