Wednesday, September 26, 2012


According to an article published in Spanish, Fr Alvaro Corcuera established how much economic help Legionaries who abandon the congregation should receive. Here's the breakdown.

According to these criteria, a novice who leaves the congregation receives a maximum of 100 euros (129 dollars), the first period of religious vows about 300 euros (388 dollars) while the second and third period of vows 1,000 euros (1,294 dollars).
Religious professing perpetual vows will be supported by 1,500 euros (1,942 dollars) while the priests with over 15 years in the congregation a maximum of 7,000 euros (9,064 dollars).
I was in the congregation for 24 years, professed my perpetual vows, and was ordained a priest.

So the question is...


  1. So the Legion owes me $1,294. Does this include airfare home?

  2. I didn´t receive anything either... the only thing I got was a ride home from my then superior who left me in the begining of the street of my parent's house. You do know who my superior was, Fr John... I never liked him at all, just respected.

  3. When I left the novitiate in 1995, my new luggage was missing as well as my birth certificate. Haven't seen either one since.


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