Saturday, September 1, 2012

I had a dream

Some have mentioned that they have frequent dreams, even nightmares, about their experience in the legion or the movement. I don't normally have that kind of dream. I forget most of my dreams. 

But I had a dream the other night that was so vivid, it stuck with me. Not only that, it had an intermission. 

The long and the short of it was that Muslim terrorists had declared 15 legionaries had to die. Why? I don't know. So the superiors gathered us in the conference room and read the list of names. It was kind of like how they would give out new assignments each year. My name was on the list. 

The shock of being on the list woke me up. I got up, drank some water and went back to bed. 

Then came part two which was how the superiors were planning the day and means of execution. At the same time I was planning my escape: I would steal a legionary car and high tail it out of there. Finally, all fifteen condemned were sitting in a circle, like an encounter with Christ. The lethal pills were ready. Last thing I remember was opening the door to leave. Then I woke up. 


  1. But you forgot the importance of "rest"! It must have been a spanish-ism, because never before or since my time in the Legion have I heard rest spoken of as a category all its own. We were commanded to "rest" even if we found the activities restful or not. Mostly they were not. Athletics became a chore after the age of 25, as well as conversation periods, sporting events, movies... though until the end I always liked meals with conversation and hikes, especially when they involved beer.
    It may have been a result of Legionary activism, this need to blow off steam. We were always being told to help the older priests rest. And when Nuestro Padre came to town we got a good lecture on how he needed rest, I suppose all the talk about rest originated with him.
    I wonder what our superiors imagined would have happened had NP not gotten his needed rest. Did they think he would go on an opiate-laced sex rampage among the novices? Or was it just that they had witnessed some erratic behavior when NP got wound up too tight?

    1. You are right, Dave. The word "rest" had its own meaning in the legion different from how anyone else understands it. Normally you would say, "I'm just going to rest for a few minutes." That would mean to sit down and rest. In the legion it means physical activity, unless you are referring to a superior. Then it means movies, dominoes, restaurants, special food on the table, etc. And when Maciel was concerned, there were no limits. It wasn’t really a matter of making sure he got his needed rest, but rather the cult of the superior. And as founder, he deserved more reverence or rest.


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