Monday, October 15, 2012

Home for Thanksgiving

I'll be heading home for Thanksgiving this year. Went on line the other night to check out the prices, scared they would be outrageous seeing as it is a holiday and all. But avoiding the heavy travel days I was able to get a good rate.

So, home for Thanksgiving with the family. How long has that been? Let me think? I entered the Legion in August of 1986. The year before that I was in the University of Steubenville. Did I go home for thanksgiving that year? I think so. So it's been 27 years since I've spent Thanksgiving with my family. Twenty-seven freakin' years! I'm 52. It's more than half a lifetime.

That's a whole lot of turkey and stuffin' I'm going to have to eat to make up for it.

I have to admit, Thanksgiving in the Legion was a really fun day, one of the most enjoyable of the year. But Thanksgiving is a family holiday, and all the fun can't bring back the lost years. There is so much I missed. Hope to get caught up on a lot more this time.

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