Friday, December 14, 2012

Exclaustration... Really?

Yesterday, a Legionary priest came to visit me. He is the Assistant for Religious life in the Territory of Brazil. He he personally delivered Cardinal Velasio de Paulis' letter (copy of which I had received from the Archbishop of Brasilia) and offered an explanation of what has been happening in regards to priests and religious who have left the Legion.

It seems the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life under Cardinal João Braz de Aviz has delegated to Cardinal de Paulis authority in everything regarding those who are leaving the legionaries.

That seems very odd to me. But I have no basis this.

Cardinal de Paulis has instructed the territorial directors to contact the priests who have left the congregation personally to show support and to speed up the process. He offered his apology for having taken so long.

I explained to the legionary priest that the letter he brought me took me by surprise, that I was under the impression I was nearing the end of the process, and exclaustration was merely the beginning. He promised to communicate this to the Cardinal through his superiors.

I am still dumbfounded by this letter. I mentioned earlier that I was expecting an indult to arrive at any time. I guess that 21 year old bottle of Scoth is going to have to wait.


  1. When I left there was the usual food dragging. I was waiting 2 months to get a response from the Congregation of Religious to dispense from the vows. Later Fr. Evaristo sent the letter from FMM that sat in the Superiors office for a while. I asked again and again what was going on. Finally I got the letter from "Nuestro Padre" stating that I could leave and the Superior "didn't know what to do". He asked and Fr. Evaristo said that it was enough to have the dispensation from Fr. Maciel. The Congregation of Religious was a "mere formality". So I guess with what you are being told the Vatican is practically a shadow boxer while the real thing is the LC superior. Curious indeed. My suggestion is for you to get an appointment with whoever you need to in Rome and get this settled once and for all. The Legion is great at feet dragging and you will not get away cheap ie they will make sure you remember all the good they did for you and all the sacrifices they did on your behalf even though you were "unworthy" of all of their goodness !!

  2. not ¨food¨ but foot thanks...please correct


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