Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Exclaustration... What?!!!!

I just received a letter from Cardinal Velasio de Paulis, and I can't say I'm happy with it's content. Basically, the Cardinal has granted me exclaustration. In other words, he, as superior of the Congregation, has granted me permission to live outside the community while in the process of being incardinated into the Archdiocese of Brasilia.

When I read that I said, "What?" It has been 29 months since I left the Legion and have only been granted exclaustration now? Isn't this the very first step in the process?

I am very confused. I really thought my petition to the Holy See to be dispensed from the vows in the Legion was going to arrive at any time. I thought I was in the final stages. Now it seems the process has only just begun.

I am looking for answers. I need to know where I am right now. I so wanted closure and to get on with my life.

In closing, the Cardinal addressed the letter to Fr John Stegnicki, LC. Arghh. It has been a long time since I signed my name like that. In fact, I don't consider myself a legionary anymore. But the cruel fact is I am. That's what was so disturbing about this letter.


  1. Fr John, I am so sorry to see you upset by this. If you are still an LC, it's just a formality, a legality, you know in your heart you are no longer LC. Leaving the Legion with you integrity and your vocation intact, that is what counts, and what I continue to admire. Thank you for your example, it means a lot to me. Keep on blessing the members of your parish, and before you know it the silly paperwork will come along to formally acknowledge what you already know to be true - you are free of the Legion.

  2. I got my letter of exclaustration recently too, having moved out of community at the end of May of 2010... I knew the gears were moving slowly, though, so it wasn't such a surprise; just a relief.


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