Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Fallen nature

I am watching Oprah Winfrey's interview of Lance Armstrong. Impressive. I just want to comment on a few things.
1. It's not easy to come out publicly and tell the world how you have been deceiving them. On that account, I give credit to Lance Armstrong. That's not to say I approve of what he did.
2. There are a lot of parallels between Lance's story and another man I knew: the founder of the congregation I was a part of for 24 years. Fr. Maciel, like Lance Armstrong, committed many abuses, denied the abuses, accused those who wanted to expose him as liars, and had a whole team of people around him helping him to cover up the story.
3. Unlike Lance Armstrong, Fr Maciel never admitted his guilt. And that's the truly sad thing about this. Fr Maciel was a priest, a defender, a preacher of the truth. But Fr Maciel never had the courage of Lance Armstrong to come out publicly and admit his errors.
4. Many people were hurt by these mens' deceptions. Some will be healed by hearing Lance Armstrong's story. Others will not.
5. Many of us hurt others by our willing deceptions, and pride and fallen nature lead us to keep on living the lie to protect our own pride and self worth. What redeems us is when we accept or failings, accept responsibility for all errors, and asking for forgiveness, first from God, then from others, we are able to live a new life.
6. I don't presume to know anything about Lance Armstrong's faith, but he is on the right track.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Prayers for Frs Alvaro Corcuera & Antonio Izquierdo

On December 30, Fr Alvaro Corcuera went to the hospital in Hartfort, CT because he had been suffering from strong headaches. This seems to be the reason why he took a sabbatical. They found an abnormal growth in his brain and are running tests to find out what it is. He may have to undergo surgery, always a very delicate situation. Let´s join in prayer for Fr Alvaro.

Article on Legionary web site.

Also on December 30, Fr Antonio Izquierdo passed away. He preached the last spiritual exercises I did in the Legion, 30 days in Rome. It was during these exercises that my desire to leave the Legion solidified. He was an excellent professor. He will be missed.