Sunday, June 27, 2010

Let the Dead Bury their Dead

I was praying the Liturgy of the Hours this morning, and as most days, certain phrases jump out at me, confirming I am on the right path. Today it was the Gospel Antiphon: “Let the dead bury their dead. But you, go and proclaim the kingdom of God.” (Luke 9:60)

I am tired. I have been fighting now for years, and I’m not saying I am tired of fighting. I am tired of “fighting against”. I have been fighting against the current of a Legion that is ill. All I want now is to “fight for” something, to have a clear objective, to know what I am fighting for, to experience that freedom of knowing I am no longer submitted to a yoke of slavery and I have been set free to “serve my brothers and sisters through love”.

From today on my only contact with my legionary superiors will be to insist and encourage them to do their part in the canonical process needed to be gain the dissolution of my vows and incardination in my new diocese.

“Brothers and sisters:
For freedom Christ set us free;
so stand firm and do not submit again to the yoke of slavery.”
(Gal 4:30, 5:1)


  1. Do you have a date for your move to the parish yet?

    I will be praying that whatever needs to be done to effect your move to the parish will be done immediately, and that your superiors will have the decency to do their part in whatever paperwork, etc, needs to be completed in order for your incardination process to move forward.

    One thing I'd really like to see happen when the delegate takes over is the offer to all LC priests for an easy incardination process (absolutely free from all guilt about leaving the Legion) if they so choose it.

    These men need to be set free from the bonds of guilt and coercion, once and for all.

  2. You´ve got to keep your spirits up!!!
    There are lots of people praying for you!
    You are doing the right thing... and keeping your conscience clean is priceless!! That is what matters the most! The things between you and God...
    I´ll keep you in my daily prayers! :)

  3. Where is that Delegate?

    Father Jack, I hope you document this process and, if you are in the USA, communicate with Abp Chaput if the LC aren't forthcoming with permission to leave in the next couple of weeks.

    In the meantime, since you have no responsibilities with the LC at this point anyway, are you able to ask the Bishop that you will be working under if there is anything you can do NOW to help him?

    If that's not possible, find a project to fulfill your time until the LC deign you are worthy to release from their grip. Do not let it bring you down, but look at this time as an opportunity to pursue some intellectual challenge you never had time to do while under their yoke.

    You are almost free. Begin shaking that dust from your feet and stretch out your wings.

    The Truth will set you free.

    ATL Granny

  4. It's summer! Surely that Bishop would love to have you fill in for vacationing priests! I hope so.

  5. The priest today stated in his homily that freedom is not the ability to do whatever we want; rather, true freedom is the ability to do what God wants us to do and freedom to accomplish what Gods wants us to accomplish. ( he said it much better then my paraphrase.)

    I pray your superiors act quickly so you become truly free for God's work.
    Today's readings really do suit your situation.

  6. Father, I know it must be frustrating to have nothing to do... BUT...

    You are leaving the Legion, probably the most regimented order in the history of the Church. (Even Monks have more free time than Legionaries!)

    You will need time to decompress and to find a new way of living. It's a bit like the death of a family member--throwing yourself into too much activity doesn't really help you heal-- it just puts off the healing process until later.

    Take walks. Long walks. All day walks where you bring some food and water and explore places you've never been. Wander in cemetaries and read tombstones. Visit parks, and fields, and churches and malls. Walk, observe, ponder, and meet God where you find him.

    Give yourself a chance to walk the Road to Emmaus. Busy-ness can sometimes muffle God's voice. You're leaving the Legion - leave the need for constant activity, too.

  7. I am reading former Legionary's Jack Keogh's book on his experiences in the Legion. I would recommend his book, as it documents another Legionary's struggle to leave and come to terms to terms with his experiences. I am sure you will find it helpful and inspiring in your present circumstances. Ask someone to purchase it for you. It is not expensive, and I am sure that those people who support you in your journey would gladly help you out with it.

  8. Fr. Jack, if the Bishop has already welcomed you into his diocese, couldn't you just move into a local parish, where you can already start your new life, and let the Legion sort out the dispensation/departure details on their own, according to their own time-frame? I know that when I was leaving, I could barely stand the 1-week wait I had before I could fly home from Rome.

    You've never mentioned it here, but I can only imagine how you must be a persona non grata for the entire community where you reside. It must be terribly awkward when everyone knows you are leaving, so nobody wants to touch you because you might taint them with your departure disease.

    The dispensation letter can take a few months, due to Vatican bureaucracy. I would hate for you to have to spend that much time still in an LC center.

    Keep up the good work Father. God bless you!


  9. Father -

    Just my $.02 here, which you are free to take or leave.

    You have no need, or moral obligation, to wait upon the kindness and decency of your soon-to-be-former legion superiors. Really, I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for them to do the right thing.

    It's a shame to have to speak about one's "rights" in the Church. We should be more mature than that, shouldn't we? However, this is one more example where, when dealing with the legion, one is in the proverbial "gamechanger" situation.

    Please consult with a canon lawyer, one with no legion ties or affiliation with them at all. Pete Vere is an excellent canon lawyer, and he knows the legion's games and tricks. I don't know him personally, aside from an e-mail or two, but by all accounts he appears to be an honorable Catholic gentleman.

    As well, lots of Catholics are ready and willing to help you. Just reach out.

  10. freefromrc&healingJune 30, 2010 at 2:33 PM

    Our parish priest pretty much said the same thing as Theresa about freedom. It was a beautiful sermon, but the point that kept hitting home for me was he said we must keep looking forward. It reminds me of the little song Dory sang on Nemo..."Just keep swimming, just keep swimming!" Ha - hee ha! :) I think of that when I start to go over all the past hurts of rc and life tribulations....just keep looking forward. God does have a plan for our lives....and it's full of peace and contentment that only He can give.

    I was wondering....can't you just get out of there? Couldn't you notify the bishop of where he can contact you? Then go stay with your mom until you hear from the bishop or whatever. It just seems like torture to have to stay there and wait for them to give you the go-ahead. I feel like the faster you get out of there - the better.

    God bless you and Mary keep you.

  11. I think Deirdre hit the nail on the head. You need time to decompress. The waiting may drive you crazy. Take those long walks she recommended and know you are not alone.
    Think about continuing the blog, even if just ocassionaly or monthly.
    P eople who care about you will want to see how you are doing. Other victim legionaries or 3gf's may benefit from the tales of your journey.

  12. Take it from someone who is out. You will still have to fight- other battles. Some similar ones like the internal ones you are going through. However, you will not need to do so behind a mask. You can do it in freedom. No need to pretend. Get ready.... it's warfare out here too. But you are at peace. And peace is next to Godliness.......


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