Saturday, December 4, 2010

Pastor of Nativity of Our Lady Parish

At the end of an Ordination Ceremony for 16 new priests for the Archdiocese of Brasília, Archbishop João Braz de Aviz announced the appointments to new parishes of 50 of the Archdiocese's priests.

Among them I was named Pastor of Nativity of Our Lady Parish in Ceilândia, on the outskirts of Brasília.

Nativity is not yet a parish. It is a Chapel pertaining to Resurrection Parish in the same city.

On a day yet to be set, the Chapel will be elevated to a Parish and I will be installed as its first pastor. It will be quite a challenge.

As such, the chapel is already built. But since it depends on another parish, the whole structure has to be put in place: secretariat with all the books for registering baptisms, confirmations etc, a bank account, a parish council, and a rectory. For the time being I will have to rent an apartment until a proper rectory can be built on the parish grounds.

I am looking forward to this new challenge. At the same time I am very grateful to Archbishop João for his confidence in me. I ask you for your prayers.


  1. Thanks for sharing your news with us Father. My prayers are with you. Sounds like a great and challenging new beginning for you in life after LC. Your parishoners will be blessed to have you as their pastor.

  2. Fr Jack,
    a fellow former legionary, now no longer an active priest. I do hope this is a good move for you. I remember very fondly me work in Quitana Roo 1971-75 and 82-84, especially the first period when I was appointed to Divine Providence, then a chapel; I was thr first pastor there and was very excited and motivated setting up the parish and giving full pastoral services to the faithful, wonderful poor, simple people, many of Mayan descent. Their warmth and faith did much for me as I struggled with one of my "crisis". I describe it in "Our Father Maciel who art in bed, A Naive and Sentimental Dubliner in the Legion of Christ". It was a good time which helped me heal and grow humanly and spiritually.
    I wish you also a holy and happy experience.

  3. freefromrcandhealingDecember 6, 2010 at 12:25 PM

    Thanks for the update Father. You have my prayers. I truly hope this will be a wonderful experience for you in your faith. A chance to really grow and be that true witness and shepherd to your flock.

    Many blessings and prayers.....

  4. Me chamo Demontier e moro na cidade de Ceilãndia. Conheço um pouco sobre a sua história e fiquei feliz de saber que vira para nossa cidade como pastor.Espero encontra-lo pessoalmente em breve e deseja-lo boas vindas.
    Welcome to Ceilândia and I wish that God blessed you ever.
    You have my prayers too.
    Demontier Chaves

  5. All the best Fr. Jack. The process of leaving the Legion never quite ends since one was flattened like a pancake and then re inflated complete with Legion speak. I am not surprised that after many years of Fr Maciel's abuse, no one seems to know anything about who did what or what went wrong. How Fr. Alvaro stays in control is beyond the wildest imagination. They should have placed a non Maciel favorite in control and then clean house, but now we have something else going on altogether. I read that they are having round tables to present grass root suggestions, but knowing the Legion, this is only a whitewash for the new "reformed" consitutions and of course to calm those still keeping LC after their names (what a mistake!). Good thing I kept a copy of the old constitutions so that people can be reminded how twisted the whole thing was. I am glad you survived the gulag and have stayed active in your priesthood. I would ask that you start your blog and stay in touch with all the exLCs. Also don't forget to write down all the abuses that you remember were committed while in candidacy or afterwards. Many times they are buried in our memories as we justified the actions of the abuser who might have been a superior, priest, etc. Let's not forget the terrible things done in the name of the Church and "God's Will". Again all the best to you in your new assignment.


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