Friday, February 7, 2014

AP, Skepticism, but above all - HOPE

Nicole Winfield, Vatican correspondent for the Associated Press, contacted me yesterday asking my opinion on the election of the new superiors of the Legion of Christ.

Here is the article she published.

The following is my full response to her questions.

Dear Nicole,
Thank you for your balanced approach reporting on the Legion and the Chapter. I, like many others, have followed the events with a great deal of skepticism, but always hopeful real change would come about. 
 You can see what I think of Fr Eduardo Robles-Gil on my blog I really want to stress an attitude of fairness. I don't know what changes have come to pass in heart of Fr Eduardo or any other of the elected superiors. Transparency has not been part of the whole process. 
 The election of the new superiors, for me, was not shocking, but it was disappointing. It was not shocking given the Legionaries that make up the General Chapter. Who else could they choose from? All of them are entrenched in legion-think. 
 If more legionaries will leave after this announcement is a good question. I think many have been waiting to see the results of the General Chapter. The election of new superiors is just part of that process. I think the publication of the New Constitution will be more important. That's where any real changes will be made obvious. 
 Even though the Holy See appointed Frs Arrieta and Sabadell, it doesn't mean much. I knew them both. They were very much LC hardliners in my day. Again, who knows if they have had a real change of heart. Fr Juan Sabadell's letter asking for forgiveness was pretty revealing. 
 I do think the balancing act of Card. dePaulis was an attempt to keep the peace in the Legion and avoid more from abandoning the LC. I was particularly offended by the tone he used when referring to those of us who left. It always seemed to me that he was looking down on us as heretics. 
 Though I have been somewhat critical of the renewal process, I haven't lost hope. I still think there is a great deal of potential for change in the Legion. The Communiqué the Chapter Fathers published today shows signs of hope. It shows they have taken into consideration the respect for the privacy and conscience of the legionaries, and that the exercise of authority was very much broken. I hope they are able to make the necessary changes in practice and not just on paper. 
 Thank you again, Nicole. 


  1. My response to Nicole when she contacted me for my comments regarding the new superior list:

    They took the middle road. This is not really an old guard club, but it certainly is not a reform group, either.
    But then again, I sincerely believe that this group is a cult and has no place in the church at all.

    1. Glenn, I concur. What is the difference between a "cult-like order" and a cult?

  2. Face saving is the only difference in the terminology.

  3. Thoughts on the new LC superiors:

  4. I think there is something genuine present in the congregation. First hand, I have seen good things - genuinely good. Some people within it are not part of any inner circle, and find inspiration in the ethos promoted to attract noble characters to the group. I would not say that if I did not think it was really true, and those experiences accompany many other negative experiences that have put me at a disadvantage.

    Obviously, such people are a great cover for the Macielists. They are easily subordinated and are extremely loyal. They make great poster-boys that generate the crisp, clean image of the Legionary that so many know.

    That said, I don't want to say I know the Legion is a healthy congregation, and I have seen many unhealthy things in it. Will it change? If its elitist elements can be identified and removed/exposed/replaced. It is not enough to be good. The good people must be prudent and wise, and with God's help, will reverse the situation.


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